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Hey friends, I'm helen!

Thanks so much for popping by to my little corner of the internet.  Whether you’re here to make an enquiry, have a peek at my work or just to chat, I’m happy to have you hangin’ out with me.

So, a bit about me! My background is in graphic design and I’ve been in the industry since 2013, but it was hand lettering that REALLY stole my heart.

I’ve always loved making things ever since I was a little kid. My creative mind went a million miles an hour. You could find me in the kitchen creating menus for what would be cooked for dinner that night, to selling rocks with pictures I had drawn on them to fellow students at recess (yes, I got into trouble from my teachers for starting my first business inside school grounds, but hey, I won’t say no to extra lunch money – would you?!). As I got older, I became really interested in branding and packaging, which inspired me to study graphic design and try my hand at a creative career.

In 2016, everything fell into place. I had begun working for a stationery company when I discovered that we outsourced a calligrapher to address all the envelopes that were sent out with the wedding invitations we had designed. I was in total awe that all of this was done so beautifully by hand.

From that point on I knew this was for me (I finally had my ‘aha’ moment at 26 years old!) and Light of Leni was born.

My ultimate goal behind everything I do is to make people happy by creating beautiful hand lettered pieces, straight from the heart. I’m so blessed that I get to do this for a living and share it with amazing people like you!

Besides lettering, I’m all about petting dogs, Simpsons’ quotes, hugs and top quality banter.

Thanks again for the visit! I hope you’ll find something here that makes your heart happy.

Big hugs, Helen x