Cheer her on


This community is bloody awesome . There is so much support and love, it really makes me so happy I get to be a part of it and meet kick-ass people. Not everywhere is like this though. Emotions can get the better of us and that little pesky beast named 'comparison' takes over - not good enough, creative enough, clever enough, pretty enough. Well I say ENOUGH ENOUGHS. We are all so amazing in so many different ways and so many same ways! So many people worry about making sure they stand out and are different.

Thats great but why not celebrate the similarities too? After all, thats how we connect so if you're worried that someone has a "better" style than you or has many years more practice, CHEER HER ON! And what a fine example of a human you are for doing so. Her success is yours too! Its proof that when you set goals you can accomplish them. There's enough room in the world for everybody's dreams. Plus, pity parties are boring because theres no cake

Jessica Murko