A 'taste' of Edible Beauty


Alrighty, so here it is! My first ever blog post. This has been a long time coming as I am super guilty of saying I will post/do/create things… and then they just get away from me. But as my lovely friend Kate from Papergumboots said – that’s ok! Ideas can come and go and we shouldn’t judge on what we do or do not do about them. That made me feel better. Cheers Kate, ya legend!

Those of you who have watched my stories or know me personally know that besides Light of Leni and hand lettering, I also love all things beauty related - be it skincare, makeup or anything similar. Some of you also know that I work as a Beauty Advisor at Priceline, so that certainly fuels the passion too. Being surrounded by makeup and skincare on a daily basis is fun, but also puts a strain on the relationship between my bank account and I (we’re on speaking terms again tho, it’s almost Christmas and I need her on my side). So, since I have bought so many products to try and test over the years and have offered beauty advice to heaps of peeps, I thought it only made sense to start a lil blog with all my thoughts.

Firstly - a bit of background on my skin. I would class it as (wait for it) acne prone – combination - dehydrated – sensitive - with redness (ta-da!) In high school my skin was pretty normal. I had a few blackheads and blocked pores but nothing major. But when I turned 19? BAM! Cystic acne came to stay. And it hurt! Like, physically. Sore to the touch. In the past I’d been on antibiotics and Roaccutane to try and tame these beasts, but they always rear their heads again and leave red/purple marks on my delicate skin.

Lately I’ve cut down on anything too foamy or harsh and I don’t over-wash my skin anymore. This has helped regulate my oil production, which has been great. I’ve also gone dairy free, cut out most gluten and added lots of fresh fruit into my diet (especially eaten for breakfast!) which I think has definitely played a role in my skin becoming more hydrated from the inside out. I would say it has improved around 70%, which is HUGE. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for me :)

So, to keep my skin in high spirits, I’m trying to go as natural and gentle as possible with my skincare and include lots of hydrating products. Enter Edible Beauty. I noticed this brand in Sephora a while ago but never really gave it too much thought at first because, I’ll be honest, it ain’t cheap. But then I kept seeing it pop up on instagram and damn it, my curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to do a bit of research (*puts on glasses to read countless reviews and articles on the brand for hours and hours*).

What I discovered is that Edible Beauty is Australian made and the whole ethos behind their products is that they only use botanical, pure ingredients that are good enough to eat, which to me, justifies the cost. I really LOVE that their ingredients are ‘good enough to eat’ because so many beauty products we use contain chemicals and ingredients that we really shouldn’t be putting anywhere near our skin. Being the largest organ of the body, skin absorbs EVERYTHING that you put on it, which then ends up in the blood stream and can cause your liver to get over worked from trying to process all the toxins that are coming into our system. Which is not what we want. But this isn’t about creating fear, just bringing about awareness to create a positive change, so don’t stress :)

Armed with my new knowledge, I marched back into Sephora and picked up two products from Edible Beauty to try out: the Probiotic Radiance Tonic and the Exotic Seed of Youth Anti Ageing Oil. First up is the Probiotic Radiance Tonic, which is $48.00. This is a new product which is part of the Booster Range – four different serums that basically act as an ‘added boost’ to your currently beauty routine. This serum focuses on optimising the health of your skin microbiome (friendly and BENEFICIAL skin bacteria that we need) and helps to control break-outs and irritation. It is enriched with the live probiotic strain Lactobacillus Bulgaricus Ferment, Jojoba Milk and Birch Leaf and Pullulan Algae Extract – which all get two thumbs up from me!

 Can I just quickly say, having studied graphic design, I really appreciate beautiful packaging. And that is exactly what Edible Beauty has provided – a minimal, less-is-more, monochromatic design which I LOVE. Plus, all their products have that ‘heavy’ feel to them which adds a whole lot of luxe to the unboxing experience. The Probiotic Radiance Tonic comes in a thick glass dropper bottle and is 20mL in size. The serum itself isn’t too runny, more of a thicker type serum and I found I needed around 3 drops to cover my whole face. I applied this under my moisturiser/oil. It sunk beautifully into my skin and made it feel really smooth, comfortable and soothed. I noticed a slight improvement in my overall skin tone and a reduction in breakouts too, which I was super happy about. However, I was originally using too much at once so it ran out a lot quicker than it should have. I had been using it morning and night and using the whole amount in the dropper (classic Helen) but realised how quickly it was running out, so I started to only use it once a day. If I had of used the directed amount (my bad) I think it would have lasted much longer and I would of noticed a more significant result. Having said that, I really loved using this product and would definitely consider re-purchasing it. I believe this product would work on all skin types.

Next up is the Exotic Seed of Youth Anti Ageing Oil. Oils and I have a turbulent past. You would think that having combination - acne prone skin would stop me from using oils. Nuh-uh. I’m someone who LOVES slathering my skin in creams, oils, potions and lotions. I just wanna feel so damn boujee that I don’t know what to do with myself. I want my skin to DRINK IT UP, bitch. I’m covering it in hundreds of dollars worth of product so IT BEST BEHAVE. But alas, this has usually resulted in blocked pores and congested skin (soz, face).

Okay, I’ve gone off on a tangent… (I loved it when teachers did this in maths class because it meant less maths, but I digress) …so back to the oil! It is packaged in a black (to protect it from light) glass dropper bottle, is 20mL in size and costs $64.00. It claims it is restorative, hydrating and smoothing and has ingredients such as Marula, Sacha, Sandalwood seed and vitamins A, C and E. It also claims to be a ‘dry oil’ that won’t block pores. I keep this baby in the fridge to help it last as long as possible, as oils are very quick to go rancid (pro tip). The first thing I noticed is that it smells REALLY GOOD. Like a rose, but a really delicate, non-overpowering rose. Thumbs up. Secondly, there is no colour to this oil and it feels quite light-weight at first, but it’s intensely nourishing. I used 3 drops max and it spread like a dream. I was pretty religious with my routine at first and used it every night. I definitely noticed it helped to soften my fine lines, especially the ones on my forehead so that gets a giant gold star from me! After awhile though I got lazy and kept forgetting my oil was in the fridge and not my cupboard and kept skipping it altogether (classic Helen). I did notice that I developed some clogged pores around my jawline and nose. I’m not sure if it was from the oil or not, but I assume it was as this has happened every.single.time I use an oil – I have still not learned my lesson it seems. Maybe I never will.

Other than this, I noticed my skin appeared really radiant and nourished so I was really happy with the way it looked, other than the blocked pores and I really just enjoy the feel of this product on my skin. I would still recommend this as I think it did a fabulous job at softening my fine lines and it just smells so damn GOOD. I would say this would work best on a normal to dry skin type.

All in all I had a really lovely experience with these products and would definitely recommend them, especially if you are someone who is conscious about the ingredients you put onto your skin. Yes, the price point is a little high but as they say, you get what you pay for - and your skin is worth it.

Until next time my friends x