Pretty Frank x Light of Leni Valentine's/Galentine's Day Collab!


That was my first thought when Leonie (candle maker and word wizard) from Pretty Frank reached out through instagram and asked me if I would like to collaborate with her on a new candle range for Valentine’s Day.

”Me?!” I thought, “But I’m nobody cool”. Ah, there it is. Imposter Syndrome. Hi mate, how are ya? Do ya mind buzzing off for a bit so I can enjoy things without feeling like an phoney? Cheers.

Anyways! I was beyond thrilled and accepted the invitation to COLL-A-BOR-ATE! I think this is technically my second collaboration, (Hi Tympanink!) but it was such a totally different experience all together so it sorta felt like my first.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Leonie (yet!), Pretty Frank is her brain child that she started in 2016 after she began experimenting with fragrance and wax. The name speaks of the brands’ values - quality products and no wishy washy marketing. Sounds PRETTY FRANK to me, heh. Also her dogs name is Frank and I love him. I thought that was worth adding in here.


All of Pretty Frank candles are entirely vegan… and that really means all - the wax, fragrance, wicks and glue. I viiiiiibe. Also, this is her SIDE HUSTLE! That’s just like me! She also has two other jobs! TWO!!!! So to say she’s a busy woman is a complete understatement. But you know what else? She’s DAMN well organised. So much so that I just had to sit back in awe sometimes and admire her work ethic and brain because, man, I have a long way to go in that department (hehe getting there hehe). I have learnt so much from her along the way that I feel somewhat indebted to her. She would honestly make an amazing mentor, even if she doesn’t think so.

I digress. The collab. So Leonie had her idea in mind from the get-go which was great! Sometimes you can be approached by someone who wants to work with you, which is amazing, but then they don’t know what it is they want to do, so then there’s this kinda weird interwebz silence and then nothing is ever said again (btw, I am totally guilty of this, the reaching out with no idea in the works, but it’s all just a learning experience really).

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 8.27.10 PM.png

Leonie’s idea was to create a Valentine’s Day collab with a new scented candle and hand lettered labels created by me. After a bit of brainstorming we decided to make both a Valentine’s Day and a Galentine’s day range, because friend love is important too you guys. Leonie then mixed and poured three different scents for me to choose from. I felt super spesh. I got to take them home, light them up and felt like someone really important making the biggest decision of their LIFE! After a few days, I let her know which scent was my fav and I got stuck into lettering the labels. It was honestly so much fun. Brainstorming, sketching and dreaming up designs to live in people’s home is the best. There was paper EVERYWHERE. Paper everywhere is my life btw.


Leonie was really easy to work with and get along with. She was organised, open minded, switched on, flexible and a GREAT problem solver. As I said, I really admire her work ethic and I’m so glad the cosmos brought us together the way it did. The process was really smooth. That’s not to say we didn’t run into any issues though. We were initially not 100% happy with our prototype labels, and I was a little hesitant to mention this as she had worked so hard to source the labels and do all the test prints, but in the end I explained why I thought they didn’t work and she was so totally open to my opinion that I felt silly for feeling like I shouldn’t of said anything in the first place. THIS IS HOW LIFE SHOULD BE LIKE PEOPLE. She used her incredible mind I told you about to problem solve, and was able to rectify the label issue. No dramas mate! Leonie’s onto it!

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 8.26.16 PM.png

I am so proud of our little collab going out into the big wide world to finally meet you all. We worked REALLY hard on this and it’s amazing to see the fruits (Fig and Melon to be exact) of our labour come to life. But I gotta say, meeting Leonie and working together on this idea and making it into something really unique to us… there’s just nothing sweeter than that!

If you like the range, want to support us and gift a candle to a loved one (we would be so appreciative!) you can find them here!

Until next time friends!

Love, Leni xxx

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Helen Hatz