A 'taste' of Edible Beauty

Alrighty, so here it is! My first ever blog post. This has been a long time coming as I am super guilty of saying I will post/do/create things… and then they just get away from me. But as my lovely friend Kate from Papergumboots said – that’s ok! Ideas can come and go and we shouldn’t judge on what we do or do not do about them. That made me feel better. Cheers Kate, ya legend!

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Cheer her on

This community is bloody awesome . There is so much support and love, it really makes me so happy I get to be a part of it and meet kick-ass people. Not everywhere is like this though. Emotions can get the better of us and that little pesky beast named 'comparison' takes over - not good enough, creative enough, clever enough, pretty enough. Well I say ENOUGH ENOUGHS .

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Jessica Murko